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"The new CD is a throwback to live off the floor after the lushly produced High Roads...."

See Magazine, Edmonton

Songs: You Hate Yourself / Silvertown / Whiskey Take Me Off The Shelf / Long Way Down / Rosie / Hold Your Head Up / It Will Be Alright / It Brings Me Down /Bring It Home / How Ya Doing Tonight
High Roads (2007)
High Roads High Roads features his current touring band, with Matt Keighan (perc) and Phil Bosley (bass), along with Rod Standish (gtrs). This album includes covers of Adam Carroll and Fred Eaglesmith songs, as well as co-authors with Adam Carroll, Mark Jungers, Rod Standish, and Fred Eaglesmith.

Songs: Rollin On / Broken Glass & Busted Songs / High Roads / Rogina's Song / Silver Moon / Blondie & Dagwood /49 Tons / Film Star / City Girl / Hang This Hat

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Roger Marin Jr (2005)
Roger Marin Jr Roger's debut album was released in 2005, after seven years with a touring band. "Bar of Broken Hearts" was co-written with Fred Eaglesmith, while "It Breaks My Heart" was co-written with Willie P. Bennett.

Songs on this disc: Worn Out Soles / Colors / Backyard Mechanic / Bar of Broken Hearts / Gettin' Over You / Whiskey in Jars / Thankful for You / I Ain't Crazy / The Miles Back Home to You / Broken White Lines / It Breaks My Heart

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Fred Eaglesmith - 6 Volts (2011)
Fred Eaglesmith - 6 Volts (2011) Roger Marin: Pedal Steel Guitar

Jesse Reid - Dumb As Change(2010)
Jesse Reid Dumb As Chance Roger Marin: Producer
Phil Bosley: Drums & Bass

Deathpod: Soak Twang Drive (2009)
Deathpod "...I even managed to snag my bandmates Roger Marin (pedal steel) and Matt Keighan (drums)."

Alun Piggins: At War With The Elephants (2008)
Alun Piggins Alun Piggins [vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, banjo, bodhran, mandolin]
Eric Bridenbaker [backing vocals on tracks 1, 3]
Jay Santiago [drums, percussion]
Mike Pond [bass on tracks 2, 5]
Roger Marin [pedal steel on tracks 2, 8]
Steven Stanley [backing vocals on track 4]

Gordie Tentrees: Bottleneck To The Wire (2008)
Gordie Tentrees Guests
Roger Marin-pedal steel
Jaxon Haldane(D-Rangers)-banjo
Amelia Rose(Fishhead Stew)- fiddle
Aylie Sparkes-guitar
Kim Barlow-cello
Mark Jungers: Silos & Smokestacks (2008)
Mark Jungers
Mark Jungers Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
The Whistlin Mules, with Special Guests
Roger Marin Pedal Steel
Susan Gibson
NEWWORLDSON - Roots Revolution (2008)
Juno Award Nomination 2008.
Covenant Award Winners for Best New Artist and Roots/Folk album of the Year.

Roger Marin Pedal Steel
Mark Jungers [Band] Live at Gruene Hall on 2008-02-28 (Free Download)
Roger Marin on Internet Archive
Soundboard matrix

Mark Jungers Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Adrian Schoolar Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Wes Green Mandolin, Harmony Vocals
Josh Flowers Bass, Harmony Vocals
Dennis Merritt Drums
Roger Marin Pedal Steel, Harmony Vocals, Vocals
Adam Carroll Acoustic Guitar, Vocals on 22 & 23
Done Me Wrongs: Done Me Live (2007)
Morgan Doctor: drums (they speak for themselves)
Roger Marin: pedal steel (or it wouldn't be country)
Darrek Anderson - Places You Used To Go (2007)
Darrek Anderson Roger Marin: Pedal Steel, Electric guitar, Producer
Matt Keighan: Drums
Phil Bosley: Bass, backing vocals
Fred Eaglesmith: Milly's Cafe (2007)
Fred Eaglesmith Roger Marin on pedal steel, guitars, voice
Dan Walsh on Dobro and lap steel
Willie P. Bennett on mandolin and harmonica
Kori Heppner on drums
Scott Merritt on guitar
Scott Nolan - American Hotel Recordings (2006)
Scott Nolan Roger Marin Pedal Steel
Matt Keighan: Drums "Bad Liver & Broken Heart"
Phil Bosley: Bass "Bad Liver & Broken Heart"

Mike Maves: Kandahar Deluxe (2006)
Mike Maves "...Featuring a stellar cast of supporting musicians including Roger Marin and Willie P. Bennett...."
Mark Jungers [Band] Live at Gruene Hall on 2006-09-28 (Free Download)
Roger Marin on Internet Archive
Soundboard matrix

Roger Marin Pedal Steel
Hayes Carll Live at Gruene Hall on 2006-03-26 (Free Download)
Roger Marin on Internet Archive
Soundboard matrix

Hayes Carll Guitar, Vocals
Brad Fordham Bass
Lisa Pankratz Drums
Lance Smith Guitar
Roger Marin Pedal Steel
Jesse Reid - Gravelly Bay (2006)
Mike Maves Roger Marin Pedal Steel
Matt Keighan: Drums Phil Bosley: Bass "Gravelly Bay"

Mike Maves: This Side Of Town (2005)
Mike Maves "On keys, Greg Dechert. Among his countless credits, Greg played keys with Uriah Heep, Bad Company and toured as part of David Gilmour's (yes that David Gilmour) band. On guitar and bass Roger Marin Jr. and Darcy Yates, former players from the legendary Fred Eaglesmith's entourage the Flying Squirrels. On drums, former Fifty Diamond Rocks drummer and Vegalite frontman Matt Keighan. Mike Butler and Frank DiTillio from the incredible funk outfit Matinee Slim and the Ultralight Orchestra put their two cents worth in while pedal steel wiz Burke Carroll, and guitar players Sal Piccirillo and Mark Murphy help make this album burn."
Fred Eaglesmith: Bootleg Vol 2 (2004)
Fred Eaglesmith Roger Marin on pedal steel, guitars, voice
Dan Walsh on Dobro and lap steel
Willie P. Bennett on mandolin and harmonica
Kori Heppner on drums
Fred Eaglesmith: Balin (2003)
Fred Eaglesmith Willie P. Bennett on mandolin and harmonica
Darcy Yates on bass
Dan Walsh on Dobro
Roger Marin on guitar
Stephen Hogg: Dirty Rotten Shame (2003)
Stephen Hogg Stephen Hogg - vocals, guitar
Willie MacAulay - lead guitars
Darcy Yates - electric and stand up bass, cello, back up vocals
Willie P. Bennett - harmonicas, mandolin, jaw harp, back up vocals
Ray Ovington - drums
Roger Marin - steel guitar

Fred Eaglesmith: Falling Stars & Broken Hearts (2002)
Fred Eaglesmith ... features Willie P. Bennett, Roger Marin, Dan Walsh and Darcy Yates.

You hate yourself, you hate yourself
Spinning your wheels, sitting on a shelf
You hate yourself, you got nothing to lose
Mama you hate yourself.

These feelings are sometimes very recognizable. When it's performed with so much passion, then you can almost enjoy those feelings. As on Silvertown by the Roger Marin Band. A delicious album full altcountry with the energy that's necessary to overcome failures... That's called Rock 'n' Roll really. The Canadian Roger Marin learned the profession as a steel and lead guitarist with Fred Eaglesmith and on his third CD he formed his own band. Beside Marin (vocals, guitar, steelguitar) there is Matt Keighan (drums, guitar, vocals), Phil Besley (bass, guitar, vocals) and Mike Tuyp (guitar, vocals).

The title track sounds something like "Devil's Right Hand" by Steve Earle and in "Hold Your Head Up" you hear nice harmonies and the guitarloop refers to the early Beatles. "It Brings Me Home" vocals and rhythm sounds like Joe Jackson. Silvertown is rootsy and poppy at the same time. Catchy melodies with a light punk hook, songs with reflections (It's a long way down / Been so long since I touched the ground / Gotta take a shot whether you win or not / Can't hang around waiting to drown / Stuck on a ship I'm never gonna sail / 35 years old I'm burnt out, man / Bumming around the promised land / Stuck in a hole, Lord I'm out of control) or a lovesong in walking tempo like Rosie, Silvertown has it all. And an extraordinary ending with "How ya doing tonight", in this song you can hear some hiphop and a children's choir.

ALT Country.NL

"...and Roger Marin flooring them with his acoustic solos."

Redeye USA

The young man is a modern day traveling minstrel. He is the epitome of roots music because he gets to the soul of the matter: a song that everyone relates to because he's tapping into the human condition. He charms his audience by singing about Texas moons, road trips....

I went once with Roger Marin from Ontario over to Manitoba in the summer, Once to Niagra Falls in the summer, it was great, once from Niagra over to Nova Scotia in January great music... bad weather... They, (the canadians) are some of the most whiskey drinkin hard partyin frendliest and life loving people i've met on the road so far, i'm glad i've met them

Adam Carroll
Lone Star Music