A few years ago, Roger interrupted his recording and touring schedule, and pursued a long held dream to create a new alternative indie music festival in his hometown of Niagara Falls, Ontario. After a short (and hectic) time, and with the help of many friends, the first annual CicadaFest was launched in 2007.

His goal was to have a showcase venue for musicians "I've seen on the road, or worked with and admired" - and music fans, both local and from afar, have responded enthusiastically in the ensuing years to touring talent as diverse as Adam Carroll, CR Avery, Julian Fauth, Alun Piggins, Scott Nolan, Brock Zeman, Romi Mayes, Tom Wilson, Susan Gibson, Gordie Tentrees, Mark Jungers, Owen Temple, Travis Linville, Ariana Gillis, Brock Zeman, along with a host of other top flight acts.

With more than 35 great bands over a three day weekend, a family friendly campground along the lake, and close access to all amenities, the CicadaFest became a significant local attraction, but remained an intimate gathering for honest live music, for all tastes and ages.

As if his professional life weren't complicated enough, (Roger) has taken on the unenviable burdens of a festival promoter and artistic director, bringing together artists from across Canada and the U.S. - "Songwriters I've seen on the road or worked with and admired" - for a three-day event "

Toronto Star
Greg Quill

"What I learned was that you only find satisfaction in music by doing it your own way. Right or wrong, you should do it the way you feel it. Don't rush, just work hard and do it right."

Toronto Star
Roger Marin

"Roger Marin has a festival up in Canada, in Niagara Falls, that a lot of us have played. It's always fun. So we just decided we might as well start us a festival."

Adam Carroll
My San Antonio